The Nueva Fuerza Online Project is an electronic database for research. It seeks to further the study and understanding of history and literature by responding to the needs and interests of readers and scholars.

What is Nueva Fuerza?

Nueva Fuerza started out as the Spanish-Cebuano bi-weekly founded on May 2, 1915. It became a tri-weekly on February 7, 1919. The Nueva Fuerza lasted until 1922 when it was absorbed by its sister weekly in the vernacular, Bag-ong Kusog, founded earlier in 1921.

The leading periodical of its time, the newspaper’s circulation was 7,000. It was initially printed by Imprenta Rosario and later by the Imprenta ‘The Cebu Chronicle’ which Vicente Rama bought and renamed ‘The Cebu Press’ in 1917.

It had a sister publication in English, Progress, which lasted from 1928 to 1934. Launched as a weekly on December 2, 1928, it became a daily on December 22, 1929. It was suspended from May 15, 1931 until November 22, 1931.

Today, it is a dynamic and rich resource for researchers, students and readers with an interest in Cebuano literature, history or culture more generally. With about an initial offering of twelve thousand combinations of short stories, articles, poems, essays and drama, it is full of factual material.

The Nueva Fuerza Online Project is based at the University of San Carlos Cebuano Studies Center. The Nueva Fuerza Online Project has been generously supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.